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Volunteers Needed

The Blackford County Emergency Management Agency is in need of volunteers who are willing to help their community in the time of need.  We provided a number of services to the community through our programs and are in constant need for more help.  We provide free training to all of our volunteers and require a minimal amount of your time each month for additional training and meetings.  If you are interested, please contact us at:


Volunteers must be an Indiana Resident with a valid Indiana Identification and have no felony convictions.  It is imperative that all volunteers representing Blackford County EMA be of sound character and have high moral values. 

Why be a volunteer?

First of all, thank you for your time and interest in the Blackford County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). EMA volunteers are vital to the day to day functions of the community services provided. Obviously, it takes a large group of volunteers to expedite these services. This is why, we are always looking for individuals to join our team and secure a program for the future. You as a volunteer will be in a unique team of individuals responsible for the safety and protection of family, friends, and the community.

As a volunteer you can choose what area of service within EMA you would like to join, according to your interest. You can choose to participate in as many as you like, including all of them. Volunteering in the EMA offers you a wide range of opportunity and learning. EMA will provide training, as much as you like, to our volunteers. We provide a monthly meeting every month to update and keep you informed of information vital to the community. Here is some other opportunities that you can participate in as an EMA volunteer:

-Hartford City Heritage Days

-Blackford County 4-H Fair


-Amateur Radio Field Day

-Montpelier Jamboree

-Disaster Training Exercises

-Much Much More!

What Can I Volunteer For?

The Blackford County Emergency Management Agency has a wide variety of programs you can become a part of. Remember, you can join as many different programs you would like, including all of them.

Amateur Radio-The probability that telephones and the internet will still work during a disaster situation is very slim. It is imperative that Emergency Management still be able to communicate with all Emergency Management personnel regardless of the situation. This is where our Amateur Radio program comes in to play. Amateur Radio is a licensed, two-way radio service governed by the Federal Communications Commission.

The majority of Blackford County Emergency Management's personnel are licensed Amateur Radio operators. We encourage our volunteers or anybody wishing to become a volunteer to look in to obtaining their Amateur Radio license. It is a fairly simple process with a little learning involved. You will learn the rules and regulations, some electronic theory pertaining to Amateur Radio, and some other miscellaneous things. After you get that down, all you have to do is take a written test and pass it with 75%.

C.E.R.T.- The Community Emergency Response Team concept was conceived in 1985 by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The concept was based on one very simple piece of statistical data. In a disaster situation more citizens are killed while trying to help someone in need than if those people didn't try to help at all. The main reason this is happening is because most citizens lack proper and adequate training that is needed to keep them safe in a disaster situation. The Community Emergency Response Team concept was designed to completely reverse this piece of data. It is attempting to do so by training participants in areas that are important in disaster situations. Participants are taught First Aid, C.P.R., light rescue/extrication, and basic fire suppression. Trainees are also trained in other areas that are important. Team work, the Incident Command System, and dealing with emotional effects are all important skills to learn to do an effective job in a disaster situation.

Skywarn-The United States experiences more severe weather than any other country on the planet. Weather severely affects our daily lives. We plan our day-to-day activities based on that particular day's weather. We wouldn't be able to do this without the National Weather Service, an official United States government agency. The National Weather Service is also responsible for issuing watches, warnings, and advisories for severe weather. They wouldn't, however, be able to do this without the help of the SKYWARN program.

The SKYWARN program teaches participants everything they need to know about weather. The most important thing that they learn is how to accurately identify different types of severe weather. It is important that they do this so their reports are accurate and a watch, warning, and/or advisory is issued accordingly. The program has really proven it's usefulness to the National Weather Service and they now rely on the SKYWARN program to provide them live reports during severe weather.

As a volunteer, you can feel proud that you are providing a service to the community. Many people feel they would like to be more active and be involved with their community. Just they do not know how. This is the opportunity for you to join in on that involvement. Feeling that you are helping, EMA training and exercises, learning more about the hazards and risks within your community. We invite you to join our team. Join our team of volunteers and first responders, and become a part of the core of individuals committed to the preparedness and response of emergency situations. Feel free to call and ask any question you may have. You may also schedule a time to visit the Emergency Operations Center for a tour and we can answer any questions you may have. Upon this visit, we are sure you will have a more interest in the opportunities available to assist in your community.

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