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Blackford County Emergency Management
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About Us
Emergency Management is a professional system designed to coordinate the emergency response to and planning of natural and man-made disasters. The sole responsibility of the Emergency Management Agency is to ensure that proper planning and mitigation has occurred prior to a disaster.
A disaster is defined, for Emergency Management, as any event that normal response efforts are exhausted and can no longer support the event. These may include tornadoes, flooding, terrorism, hazardous material spills, civil disturbances, power outages, and various life threatening situations.

Each county is required by law to have an Emergency Management Agency and a Director of Emergency Management within the county. This law also specifies that the county "shall" have a comprehensive Emergency Operation's Plan which will become law should a disaster be declared.

It is the goal and responsibility of the Blackford County Emergency Management Agency to see that every effort is being made to protect or minimize the threat of loss of life and property should an event occur in Blackford County. This is accomplished through planning, training, mitigating, and exercising with all emergency agencies within Blackford County.

By conducting regular training exercises in cooperation with state and federal agencies, Blackford County will qualify for state and federal disaster relief funding should it be needed.

Blackford County Emergency Management Agency hosts training programs for emergency personnel and public officials on a regular basis to provide for this protection. Additionally, Emergency Management personnel are required to attend professional education classes on a regular basis.

Many of the functions of Emergency Management will never be seen or recognized by the general public in the event of a disaster. However should our efforts fail, our failure will be obvious. It is therefore our goal to be successful and never seen.
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