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Activation for 06/25/08
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - 6:54 AM




On June 25, 2008, severe storms moved thru the area. Blackford County was in a severe thunderstorm warning issued by the NWS of North Webster,  Indiana. Gusty winds, small hail, and lightning were all reported. The EOC was open and active at 14:00hrs and secured at 17:00hrs. Two spotters were dispatched to the 4H fairgrounds to relay storm information. Following was active units:



56-02 (EOC)

56-05 (EOC)





56-17 (4H)

56-18 (EOC)


56-24 (EOC)

56-25 (4H)


Spotter reports logged:


300 West and St Rd 18 – 45MPH wind gust

100 West  350 South – 60MPH wind gust

Jefferson St at bidock – Street flooding

1113 N Jefferson – Lines down on fire

Activation for 06/21/08
Thursday, June 26, 2008 - 7:51 AM




On Saturday June 21st, 2008,  the mobile EOC was activated for severe weather. The mobile EOC was activated at 13:30hrs. Heritage was also in progress in downtown Hartford City, so many people outdoors. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch was issued for the Blackford County area. Only storm reports was for hail in Montpelier and one the north side of Hartford City. No other damage was reported.



Units active included:



56-05 (Mobile EOC)







Report filed


Severe Weather Activation 06/15/08
Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 1:25 PM



Showers and thunderstorms were moving thru the area. Some of these storms did have previous warnings to the west of Blackford County. The EOC was activated and open at 19:50hrs. Main threat from these storms was the gust front, with gusty winds. No damage was reported. EOC was secured at 20:20hrs.


Spotter reports were as follows:


-Fire dispatch to 3063 W Mohee Rd, lines down

-1961 E Old St Rd 22, lines down on a vehicle with individuals inside

-1606 South Monroe, transformer fire



Units activated:


56-01 EOC

56-02 EOC

56-20 EOC

56-25 Mobile



Report filed



Severe Weather Activation 06/13/08
Saturday, June 21, 2008 - 1:13 PM




Showers and thunderstorms moved thru the area. Just minor damage was reported around the county. The highest wind gust was recorded at the Blackford County EOC which was 50 MPH. The EOC was open at 14:15hrs in stand by mode to monitor severe thunderstorm watch 522. EOC was activated at 16:41 hrs. Units were active at 15:08hrs.

EOC was secured at 19:00hrs.


Following was reported storm reports:


-West Elm, pea sized hail


-Flooding, Jefferson Street bi dock

-Flooding, Jefferson and Chestnut

-Main/Mulberry, small tree branch down

-Richmond/Commercial, large limb down, partial in roadway



Spotters activated:


56-02 Mobile

56-05 EOC

56-15 Mobile

56-16 Mobile

56-17 Mobile

56-20 Mobile

56-23 EOC

56-25 Mobile


Report filed 06/21/08


06/06/08 Activation-Severe Weather
Monday, June 9, 2008 - 9:50 AM




The early evening of Friday 06/06/08, a line of severe storms moved thru the area. There were many reports of widespread damaging winds in several counties. A possible tornado was reported in Grant County, with the storm cell moving towards the Blackford County area. As the storms approached the Blackford County area, the EOC was activated and storm spotters activated. In all, 10 personnel were active as the storms approached.  EOC activated at 19:00hrs and secured at 22:00hrs.


EOC functions included:


- Monitoring of live radar feeds
- VHF communications with spotters in the field
- VHF communications with other county agencies
- TX communications with city Public Works
- TX communications with County Highway
- Monitoring of Central Indiana Skywarn (NWS)
- Monitoring of local Amateur Radio
- Monitoring of surrounding county’s severe weather nets
- Monitoring of Storm Prediction Center website for updated mesoscale discussions
- Monitoring of NWS repeater transmissions
- Recording and plotting of damage reports
- Monitoring of local weather station for wind speed
- Spotters reporting evolution of the storm and damage reports

The highest wind speed recorded was at the EOC in downtown Hartford City. It was measured at 65 MPH. In all, widespread minor damage was reported throughout the county. Most reports consisted of tree limbs and power lines down. The highest concentration of damage was in the Montpelier area. Also, the largest power outage was in the Montpelier area. This was from approximately 8:30pm to 4:00am.

 The following was the reported storm reports. This includes the damage assessment done on Saturday and Sunday morning by 56-01 and 56-02.

 Damage reported: 

-   Montpelier had damage scattered around the city
-  520 W High, Montpelier, Large tree fell on 2 car garage and destroyed
-   Multiple areas along High Street in Montpelier had several large trees and limbs down
-  Firemans Park lost 4 large trees and several limbs. One tree fell across the primary power line, resulting in the power outage in Montpelier.
-         100 W & Park, power line down. HC
-         7th and Monroe, power line down. HC
-         Green & Standard, power line down. MONT.
-         St Rd 18 west of Montpelier, power line down
-         7th and South High, power line down, HC
-         Park and Wabash, power line down, HC
-         3 south by Delaware County line, tree across roadway
-         400 E, north of Gripco, live wire down
-         417 E Third, power line down. HC
-         2491 S 100 W, trees on roadway
-         800 E St Rd 26, tree down
-         500 E 600 N, power line down
-         500 S 700 E, power line down
-         100 N at RR, tree down
-         800 E and ST RD 26, north of 26, tree down
-         100 N just east of county line road, large tree down
-         1895 E 100 N, tree down blocking part of roadway


Units activated:


56-10 (Amateur. Radio)
56-11 (Amateur Radio)



Report filed



06/04/08 Activation
Monday, June 9, 2008 - 9:44 AM
On Wednesday, June 04, 2008, the EOC was activated on two separate times. First activation was from 18:00 hrs to 20:30hrs. The second activation was from 21:00hrs to 22:30hrs.

Two separate rounds of severe weather was in the area. No damage was reported with either of these storms or activations.

Participating units:


Report filed
04/26/08 Activation
Thursday, May 8, 2008 - 11:04 AM
04/26/08 activation for district 6 mock drill exercise.

Eoc was staffed at 8:30 am. The exercise was a hazardous material spill that traversed thru the district 6 counties. A hazardous materials spill occured in Grant County. The exercise was mainly a communications drill between all 13 counties in the district.

Blackford County EOC was not officially activated until approximately 11:30 am. This due to our EOC not staffed 24 hours a day. No phone call was made to any EMA staff via personal cell phones until the exercise was well underway. At that time, the Blackford County EOC was activated.

Overall exercise went fairly well. Each county had an evaluator from the state present. Our evaluator was very impressed with our overall inoperability equipment and SOP's. Felt we had one of the better EOC's in the state.

A defriefing was conducted one the exercise had concluded and the EOC was secured at 15:00hrs.

Those in attendance

Aaron Henderson
Gene Henderson
Scott Craig
Lennie Binegar
Chad Sullivan
Mark Slusser (State evaluator)
07/26/2007 Activation
Friday, January 11, 2008 - 11:13 AM

Activation on July 26th, 2007 for Severe Storms

At approximately 7:03pm on the evening of July 26, 2007, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Blackford County until 8:00pm by the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana. The EOC was already staffed as the severe thunderstorm was in Grant County moving east. Upon the Severe Thunderstorm Warning being issued, spotters were deployed and the EOC went into activation mode.

Several spotters were active. Spotters and locations are as followed:

56-01 – North High Street and Illinois Street

56-02 – Rover for the county

56-15 – Lighthouse Church (This unit was deployed to this location due to nearly 200 children attending Bible study class. He remained at this location until the severe weather threat had cleared the area)

56-16 – 2 miles south of Hartford City

56-17 – Millgrove area

56-25 – Paired with 56-17

The storm had approached the area around 7:15pm, initially radar was indicating the possibility of hail up to one and a half inches in diameter were possible. This hail signature decreased rapidly and the storm had begun to weaken as it entered the Eastern half of Blackford County. Several reports of damage were reported within the county. The storm exited Blackford County at approximately 7:40pm and the NWS dropped the Storm Warning at 7:44pm, as the threat had exited the county.

Upon review, it appears when the radar lost the hail signature, which was the point when the storm lost its updraft. The result was rapidly sinking air that created a strong downdraft. This resulting downdraft created a straight line wind event, creating the several damage reports. 56-02 reported an approximate 3-4 mile swath from 200w and 400s and going east southeast from that location.

Reported damage was as follows:

-100 West and St Rd 26 –Nickel size hail very briefly

-Werber Rd and St Rd 26 --Pea size hail

-100 West and St Rd 26 --Tree limbs down

-200 West and Angling Pk --Lines down

-150 West and Angling Pk --Trees down

-715 East Washington St. (HC) --Tree down

-400 West and 925 South --Lines down (Upland fire responded and was on scene)

-Angling Pk btw 100-175 West --Tree down

-200 West and Angling Pk --Service line to house down

--Rolls of large field tile blown into bean fields

-7th and Monroe (HC) --Area of southside school, several limbs down

Just isolated storms remained in the area thru the night, with no reports of severe weather occurring.

Friday, January 11, 2008 - 11:12 AM
At 17:30hrs the Storm Prediction Center had issued a severe thunderstorm watch for most of Indiana, including the Blackford County area. A line of severe thunderstorms had developed over the west central thru the southwest portion of Indiana. This line ws moving northeast at 40MPH. The main line of storms were production large hail and damaging winds. In front of this line, supercell storms had developed that became tornadic. Confirmed touchdowns with this storm were reported.

At 18:00hrs the EOC was activated for the pending severe weather. Dispatch was notified and spotters activated. Spotters included the following:


As well as two units from dispatch and unit 543 from Montpelier

Storm reports were as follows:
400S/100E    Pea sized hail with no damage
Park Ave/400W  Pea sized hail with no damage
StRd18/200W  Pea sized hail with no damage
800E/100N  Peas sized hail with no damage
StRd3/StRd18  45mph winds with no damage

All reports were between 20:00hrs and 20:45hrs

At approximately 20:30hrs, trained spotter 26-17 and Montpelier police unit 543 both confirmed a wall cloud. Due to lighting conditions, it was difficult to determine if any rotation was present in the storm cell. This storm cell had a previous history of production tornadoes, and produced a confirmed funnel cloud as close as Summitville, Upon assessing the situation, including fiels unit reports, past history of the storm cell, and difficult viewing conditions, Scott Craig requested dispatch to sound the tornado warning sirens. Shortly after, the storm had weakened and the possible wall cloud dissipated.

The storm cell then weakened furthur and the severe thunderstorm watch was allowed to expire prematurely. The EOC activation was the secured at 21:00hrs. Cooperation among the departments should be commended and were fantastic. All equipment that was logged out was returned by the time of the EOC securing.

End of report
Friday, January 11, 2008 - 11:01 AM
On February 13, 2007, a storm system developed in the four corners region of the southwest United States. As this storm developed and tracked east, then northeast, precipitation began to fall in the Blackford County area. Snowfall began around 4am on Tuesday Morning.

As the storm system intensified, heavy precipitaion moved into Indiana. The precipitaion began as sleet and freezing rain in the southern half of Indiana. In Blackford County area, the precipitation fall as heavy snowfall with a brief fine sleet mix at times, but remained mainly snow.

Snowfall became heavy, with the heaviest snow falling between 13:00 and 21:00hrs. Snow fall rates up to 2.5 inches per hour was observed. In addition to the heavy snow, winds of 20-30mph and gusts to 40mph created considerable blowing and drifting of snow. The highest wind gust was recorded at 43mph. A level 3 snow emergency was declared, meaning all traffic was restricted except for emergency vehicles and essential personnel.

All county roads became impassable and the county snow plows were called off the roadss. Sheriff department units were conducting transport and medication deliveries. The EMA had 9 personnel available for back up if the sheriff department became overwhelmed.

Final snowfall totals from the storm ranged from 16.5 inches at the EOC, to a report of 18 inches at the county correctional facility. As of 10am, 02/14/07, city roads were snow covered but most main roads were passable or cleared. County highway was clearing the county roads and vehicles abandoned in the snow were being retrieved and roads cleared.

End of report
12/01/2006 Activation
Friday, January 11, 2008 - 10:52 AM
On Friday, 12/01/06, a strong storm system was moving thru the Northern Indiana area. This system was mainly a rain event. This system did cause some snow showers at it filtered in colder air. This system rapidly intensified while moving thru the area. This strengthening system caused a tight pressure gradient. This pressure gradient caused very strong winds to occur on this day. The strongest of these winds was in the Blackford County area from approximately 11am to 4pm. The winds were sustained at 20-25MPH with higher gusts. Peak wind gust was 53MPH.

These winds did cause several trees and power lines to fall. Previous rains of up to 2.25 inches, softened the ground allowing the winds to blow some trees over. The EOC became active at 11am. Damage was minor, but the situation did cause the need to activate some volunteers to stand by for AEP to arrive, this for the safety of the public. All units were active from 12:00pm to 15:30hrs.

Three units were dispatched to loactions in Blackford County. The locations are as follows:

56-15 (100E just north of Deleware County line)
56-63 (475 South and 100E)
56-16 (200 South just East of State Road 3 and 100E)

End of report
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